Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday, Monday

See that title up there? "those OH SO READY for vacation kahles..."???? Well, get out your erasers. Or your white out. Or even a pocket knife. You can start scratching it out right now. Try not to hurt your computer screen though.

NOT that we are NOT ready for vacation... but just that the best laid plans...

Wanna make God laugh? Make plans. Yep, we gave God a good chuckle today. Or did he give one to us?

Ready to head out to San Antonio for my week long spring break... complete with wonderful weather on tap (and that NEVER happens to the Kahles) Rick decided to wake up with a cold. And not just a little ol' cold. With Rick, nothing is never "little ol'." Nope. Rick has a big boy cold. And a cold on Rick usually turns into pneumonia which turns into a hospital stay... which means.... nope, no vacation for us.

For once, I did a smart thing. I booked our flights with Southwest. Southwest gave us credit for our flights - with no change fees - for up to one year. The hotel is another story. The Westin on the Riverwalk cancelled our reservations... and waived the one night penalty... because they are nice. HOWEVER, United Vacations, who I foolishly booked through is not nice. They will give us NOTHING back. Nope. Nada. Zilch. Aren't they sweet?

And for some reason, I've almost never been this upset over something.

So, this morning I saw Elizabeth off on her one week mission trip. Then I did the next best thing... I kept my dentist appointment. I had planned to skip out on it, fearing that I would have too much pain (I'm sure all imagined) to then go on my trip to San Antonio... but after seeing Rick this morning I decided to keep it. Wish I hadn't.

My 10:30 appointment ended at 1:45. My dentist suddenly saw a million little things wrong with my mouth. My dentist hates me. Right now it's mutual though. I hate him, too.

FOUR fixed up teeth later (one crown, one cavity, one crack and one broken crown that needed repair) I am sitting here, wallowing in pain, wallowing in pity and wishing that United Vacations was nicer. And wishing that I was in San Antonio.

And wishing that the men working on the cables across the street weren't drilling into the ground. Weren't they aware that their pounding on the ground was signaling radio stations across north Texas to broadcast into my mouth.

I think I'm channeling Kiis FM right now.

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