Saturday, May 23, 2009

Biscuit and Tweeter

These are some of my very favorite photos. Nancy took them one afternoon while I was at work.

Let me introduce Biscuit (Nancy's very shy German Shepherd) and Tweeter (my Russian Blue kitty cat.) Biscuit and Tweeter were the best of friends while Nancy and I were roommates in both Riverside, CA and an old house in Orange, CA.

Tweeter wasn't afraid of Biscuit at all... in fact, Tweeter was the ringleader in all the mischief these two used to get into. But that's another story. Just enjoy the photos for now...

Notice Biscuit is sleeping with one eye open. Such a good guard dog.... (Not)

They're both sleeping on Nancy's bed. A very common sight back then.

I love this one below. They just got along so well.

And this is my very favorite one of all. I still wonder what these two were plotting...

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