Thursday, May 14, 2009


I can't pack. I can't think. I'm walking in circles. And that's not so easy since I did not get a good report from the doctor yesterday like I thought I would. Nope. One more week in a boot and then PT. But enough about that... and more about my state of mind.

I spoke with a dear friend of Nancy's and mine last night and learned that I will need to pull up all of my old acting techniques for when I first enter Nancy's hospital room. I will not like what I will see and I will need to put on my best game face. Ever. I will spare you the details.

However, suffice it to say that I am just spinning around here. My suitcase is still in the closet. The laundry has not been started. I don't even know where my tennis shoe (s) are. And who the heck knows where my favorite jeans are...

Breathe, Kris. Breathe.

I just moved my flight up to get me there sooner, too. It was too risky for me to arrive at 8:20. The time for Nancy's passing is just too close. I'll now be flying out Friday at noon. And only that late because I had a project at work that I just couldn't escape.

Breathe deeper, Kris.

I'm counting on those prayers...

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