Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Still smiling?

Could I have awoken to any better news today??????

The campus will remain closed to all staff & students this week.
There is the possibility of extending the current shut-down.

I love life.


The above entry was written at oh, 10:30 this morning. Because that's what time I like to get up WHEN I'M ON VACATION.

However, at approximately 10:31 I received this news:

Due to today's recommendation from the Denton County Health Department, all Lewisville ISD schools will reopen on Thursday, May 7.

I didn't cry. I didn't pout. But you could have heard my shrieking all the way to Santa Fe, New Mexico. THIS IS NOT FAIR! I DEMAND A FULL WEEK OFF. I mean, you promised! Like that matters.

The note was followed by this:

Students who are unable to return this week due to our schools reopening early will receive an excused absence.

Excuse me? Now what student in their right mind would return, knowing they will get an excused absence?

I quickly reread the email to see if it mentioned staff. I'm staff. Did it say anything about the staff receiving an excused absence, too? I mean, it must.

But it didn't. It did say this, though:

Especially Kris Kahle.

Yep. I think it was pointed at me. I think that I'm supposed to return. Unless there's another Kris Kahle working in the district.

There could be, right?

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