Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rick's still at it...

Rick just passed by me dragging a big white bag behind him. It appeared to be a bag of trash although trash day has long since passed and wasn't due up again for another three days. I guess he wanted to get a jump on it.

As he passed I couldn't resist saying "ho ho ho!"

"What?" Rick grumbled.

"Well, you look like Santa Claus."

He stopped. "It's trash. TRASH! The kitchen trash can was full. And I guess I'M the only one who'll ever empty it."

"No. Don't even go there, Rick. Not only am I gone for 40+ hours a week WORKING, I saw you get NOTHING done while I was home for three days..."

"That's right. I can't get anything done while you're home."

"I'm home now and you're getting something done. Finally."

He paused again.

"But what did you do all week?"

"You see these crutches?"

Yeah, I thought he'd begin to see it my way...

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