Tuesday, May 26, 2009


There are vigils being kept here in Texas and in parts of Southern California for my friend of 33 years... Nancy.

She continues in her quest to stay with us, all the while living out the last moments of her life surrounded by friends and family.

To say that her family is tired is an understatement. But they do not leave her side. And her friends that are nearby are staying until the wee hours of the night as well. And her friend in Frisco, Texas isn't getting much rest, either. The phone never leaves my side. Not even when I shower. It has to be within earshot.

No one wants to say goodbye. And everyone wants to send her off on her journey to paradise knowing that she was surrounded by angels. Lots of them. And that, she is.

What a legacy, what a mark she has left. I can only hope to leave this earth feeling so loved. I can only hope to leave the legacy she is leaving. I can only hope to do my family that kind of justice as well. To let them know that I touched so many hearts.

Nancy sure has.

I sure hope Nancy's annual pass to Disneyland will still be good in the Promised Land. I'm betting it will and that she'll get to be first in line for Space Mountain once she gets there.

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