Sunday, May 3, 2009

What do I do all day?

I was recently asked if I had any hobbies and I came up blank. I don't think I have any. At least I couldn't think of any.

So I asked my daughter if she knew of anything that I was capable of doing. I mean, there must be something that I can do. I do do something, don't I?

She kindly gave me this list. It sure eased my mind.

Traveling, bunco, solitaire, free cell, scrabble, cooking, reading, eating out, shopping, walking, "I Love Lucy," "Andy Griffith," "That Girl," HGTV, cruises, buying things for your daughter, BLOGGING, taking photos, ebay-ing

I never knew I was so gifted. I guess that college degree I got has really paid off.

And it's a good thing... because I now know how to spend my week off.

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