Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Final Graduation

I am nearly speechless at the moment as I sit here recounting the day's events. I lost my dear friend Nancy today.

The last two and a half years have been unfair to Nancy. But she has stepped up to the plate and fought a valiant battle with every fiber of her being. But ultimately, it was a battle that could not be won.

Because I ache all over at the moment, I will not say much more other than I remain in awe of the Lord's timing. I don't understand how Nancy survived the last three weeks... and I certainly don't understand how I was able to be there, to be present for her final curtain call. I feel extremely blessed to have been not only a part of her life but also present at her most crucial moment. I could not have asked for better timing.

But I can't do a proper tribute to her without some thought. And I am not clear thinking at the moment.

All I can muster is a heartfelt, "Good night, my friend. I know that you are tap dancing on those golden streets of heaven right now."

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