Sunday, June 7, 2009


Have to share with you a funny mishap that happened at my daughter's graduation.

First of all, you have to know that all of the graduates had to report to the high school at 8:00 to be bussed to the graduation site. That worked for me. And getting her out of the house that early helped to restore calmness upon my overstressed nature that morning.

So, off she went. And shortly after that, family began arriving at our house, dropping off food and getting ready to caravan over to the graduation site - the Dr. Pepper Star Center. Which we did.

When the graduation ended... we all caravaned back home.

Makes sense, right?

Only one thing wrong. We got home and began the food setup and waited for the guests to arrive. And somewhere in the midst of all of that... we got a call. It was from Elizabeth.


uh, oh.

"Why? Where are you?"

"I'm at the side door."

Not wanting my daughter to know that I left her at the Dr. Pepper Center, I said, "Well head to the front door. We'll meet you there."

She was a bit ticked off that she hadn't been able to find us for the obligatory pictures... I hope she never figures out that we didn't even wait around for those pictures. Hey, we had a party to get to!! I'm pretty sure she had a clue though... when we picked her up by car about ten minutes later...

Yes, we left our child at the graduation ceremony.

Happy Graduation, Elizabeth...

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