Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just a nice, quiet little Wednesday

Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed.

In a nutshell, here's my life... today.

Got a call from the towing company. Car just arrived to body shop.

Doorbell rings. Certified letter from impound shop showing storage fees.

Phone rings again. 21st Century. They've finished the estimate on the car. Never mind that we don't have 21st Century as our insurance!

Phone rings. It's AAA insurance. Are we aware that we are double insured because 21st shows that we are still customers? I ask if this is bad to be double insured. AAA tells me about fraud and double indemnity and other such nonsense.

Mailman brings good news, too. The man Elizabeth hit - although he walked away from the accident and only complained of a sore shoulder but still went via ambulance to the hospital - is suing AAA, 21st Century and us. The only figure that our insurance company - whichever one they are - will give us is "substantial."

All I can get out of the adjuster is that the amount surpasses $200,000. He hinted that if the claimant succeeds, he may become a millionaire.

Phone rings. 21st Century. Again. Our Mitsubishi has been declared a total loss and we need to get to the body shop ASAP, clean it out and release it to a junk yard. Storage fees at the body shop are mounting.

Phone rings. AAA. They said, go clean it out, but don't sign anything. "WE haven't gotten our estimate yet."

Headed to the body shop. Visited the Mitusbishi, who by the way, says hi to everyone. We were also given the news that no one ever left a key. No one can get into the car. Could we please go home, get the key and return so that the estimate could begin...

Calgon take me away!

And upon hearing the news that her car is probably totaled, Elizabeth began car shopping. She asked me how much a Maserati costs. I told her to price it. And then price lobotomies while she's at it.

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