Sunday, July 12, 2009

Math for dummies.... er, dopes.

Arrived in Canada today and having not had any caffeine yet, I hit up the nearest McDonalds.

Liz swore up and down to me that they would take American money. She knew this because she has tons of friends in Canada. I've never met a one of them, but I'm sure she's telling the truth.

So I go to McDonald's and order a medium diet coke. $1.05 rings up on the cash register. I hand the girl a $20 dollar bill and 5 pennies. She stared at it, sighed and then went to get her manager.

After a few moments I was handed back four odd looking Canadian bills, four Canadian quarters and an assortment of coins. And a receipt that said .95 cents. I guess my diet coke is cheaper in American money. I guess the American dollar is worth more (?) than the Canadian dollar?

Either way, Elizabeth was wrong. American money is not just taken with a smile.

So, now I was stuck with four odd bills and lots of odd coins and I knew I needed to spend them. They will be worthless to me when I return back to the states tomorrow.

So I walk on and see a cookie place that looked a lot like a Mrs. Fields. Went in and pointed to a milk chocolate one. It was $1.50, but I suddenly didn't know how to pay for it. My time spent on Semester At Sea was just not paying off for me today. My mind was blank.

I reached into my little pocket and pulled out six shiny silver coins somewhat resembling quarters (I had gained two more after a postcard purchase earlier) and asked the nice lady if she would help me pay for my $1.50 purchase. She was very willing to help.

I held out my little hand and she pulled two of the "quarters" towards her. She said, "These are quarters. These two make .50 cents." She then pulled two more towards her and said, "Here's two more quarters. That makes $1.00." And finally she took my last two quarters and said, "You have the perfect amount. $1.50."


I guess Canadian money pays for Canadian items just fine. I took my cookie and walked away in shame. Even I could've counted that out. In Canadian.

I wonder what planet she thought I was from...

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