Saturday, July 4, 2009

There's life in Alaska!

Rick has awakened from the dead and is going to try to make the whale watching tour today. I’m holding my breath though. He’s been wrung through the wringer… and, uh, so have we… waiting.

The good part of all of this? Rick forgot his suit for the Captain’s Ball, which is tonight. Yes, he also forgot his parka, too… but we picked that up at the Burlington Coat Factory in Anaheim. He also forgot his suit, but we didn’t pick that up at the Burlington Coat Factory in Anaheim. Or anywhere.

We decided to let him stay in the room for the Captain’s Ball. For formal night. And that good part is… we get to go to the ball without him and not feel guilty. ‘Cuz we were feeling guilty. Glad to not feel guilty now.

Well, not too guilty, anyway.

Liz and I looked good, though. And we didn’t have to worry about what Ol’ Forgetful was having to do while we dined with the Captain. He slept.

Personally? I’m jealous. I’d like to sleep, too. I’ve eaten way too much to get a good night’s sleep. Heck, I’ve eaten way too much, period.

Cruises’ll do that to you.

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