Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to work

Just completed my fourth day at work... and I'm finally able to hold my eyes open long enough to say hi to Rick when I get home. Not that I've done anything stressful... just actually having to pull myself out of bed at such an early time, get myself dressed in something other than flip flops and drive myself there... all by 8:00 AM... is enough to warrant the extreme exhaustion I've been feeling.

Okay, so what if the students aren't even at school yet. It can still be stressful just sitting there wishing I had something to do. Taking long lunches, driving over to Starbucks for the Vanilla Bean Frappucino and going to the post office to mail out my latest sale on ebay. Really, it's been a hard couple of days.

And the teachers have all come back now... mostly to get their rooms ready and send out emails like the one I received today.

I used to hold teachers in such high esteem. I thought they knew everything. And everything about everything.

Except for Elizabeth's 1st grade teacher who didn't have a clue which version of "there" to use in a sentence. She did not know there was a difference between the words "there," "their" and "they're." Seriously. But other than that, teachers are still way up there on the food chain.

Got this email today and thus my point was proven....

Subject: File folder organizer thingies

Does anyone have those file dividers you put into the big filing cabinets? I don’t need folders so much as those little ‘drop em in and they create a barrier between two huge stacks of paper’ things.

Anyone have some spare I can shamelessly mooch?

Jesse Scotts,
6/7/8 English/Reading


And he's an English teacher...

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Karla said...

Remember...My daughter is one of those English teachers...LOL!