Monday, August 17, 2009

Day One

I have a massive migraine tonight.

In Texas (and I have no idea why Californians have never heard of this) migraines can happen when the weather changes, if you have a penchant for them. And I do. If it's trying to rain, my head is trying to explode. And usually it comes darn close to doing that, too.

I thought one of my coworkers was kidding when she said, "That's the barometric pressure. It can give you a headache."

** Huh? Wha? **

But it was confirmed by my doctor that the barometric pressure (and I know next to nothing about this) can cause a migraine.

So... given that little science lesson, you now know why I have a horrible migraine tonight.

Either it's about to rain....

... or I just completed my first day of work.

I kinda think it's the latter.

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