Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Donald strikes again

You know, I could really be dangerous if I was ever let out of my cage. I'd probably even hurt myself. I tried to tonight.

I received an email that just about had me turning handsprings. Okay, not really, but that's a phrase my grandmother used to use. I was never agile enough to even think about doing those back flips.

Anyway, the email. It was from a realtor. You can already guess where this is going... yep, there is a townhouse for sale in a neighboring city. Just a fair piece away. A stone's throw. (Sorry, I got into my grandmother mode again.) And it is just the right price. Cheap. That's my price... cheap. And darn cheap, too.

A townhouse. In Plano. Because I love townhouses and I might even love Plano. Who knows...

So, I have made an appointment to look at it tomorrow. And oh, while I'm at it, those other three townhouses sure are cute as well. Yes, it will be a full day tomorrow.

And I'm seeing dollar signs just swirling around my head because this new townhouse is going to make me rich, rich, RICH! I've already calculated the millions we are going to have. And heck, being a landlord? Piece of cake. As long as the tenants don't call wanting something.

And Rick? Was he excited? Because he LOVES the townhouse I already own SO MUCH???? Well, yes. I think. I haven't even asked him yet... because he will say... well, never mind what he will say. He'll love it.

Will you tell him for me?

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