Thursday, August 27, 2009


Oh, you know those crutches I'm not on? I'm now on them.

I so love crutches.

And the shoe, you ask? What was the shoe that did me in? Was it a 10" stilletto? Uh, no. It was a simple white sandal that had a FLAT sole. I'm a loser, I tell you. So is the shoe. It now has a new home in the trash can.

And why did I fall three times? Wasn't I smart enough to just avoid the other two falls?

No. I am not smart enough.

I fell on an incline at my elementary school. I did the splits going down. Yes, it was pretty. And I laid there just praying that my dress wasn't up over my head. It wasn't. But too bad. It could've covered my bright red face.

Fall #2 was at Urgent Care... when the doctor told me to walk... I did. But I didn't do it very well.

And Fall #3 was back ON THAT VERY SAME INCLINE AT THE VERY SAME ELEMENTARY SCHOOL that I had returned to, after my visit to Urgent Care.

The worst part is? Fall #3 HURT!!!!!!

And bad.

I am now ready to chop off my leg. That might hurt less.

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