Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ya think?

I got this email today...


I wonder what she means by that?

Just kiddin'. Lori has been searching for a job for 18 months. She's done a lot of applying, a lot of interviewing and probably a lot of praying... but it's just that she lives in California. Jobs aren't plentiful anywhere right now, but especially not in CA. But Lori hung in there, pretended to be patient, and yes, the right one finally came along.

I wrote back...


But I really wanted to say, "Are you CRAZY?" I really happen to feel that work is overrated. I mean really, Lori. Do you really want to give up sleeping in, breakfasts out, staying up late, Giada, Paula and Rachel? Do you really want to give up emailing me every day?

Okay, the last one, maybe.

But do you really want to give up doing dishes? I mean, wasn't that the epitomy of your day? Oh wait. Maybe that's what drove you to get a job!!! I know it would me.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Kris...for being there every day....let me say that again EVERY DAY.. to pray for me, encourage me, share my disappointments and now my joy.


- Kris - said...

Anytime, Lori! You've been a great friend to me, too!! And I couldn't have gotten through Nancy's death without you!