Monday, October 12, 2009

I just had...

... another very unusual experience.

I had to go to the DPS today (Texas' version of the DMV) and I was dreading every moment of it. I wasn't taking any driving tests nor renewing anything, merely asking for a refund of the registration for my car... my former car... that was crunched in Elizabeth's accident. Never had a need to register it, but since we did, I was trying for a refund. And refunds always make me nervous.

I'm always afraid someone will tell me no and I will walk away defeated and dejected.

This was not the case today.

From the moment I walked in I saw signs that talked about what exemplary customer service the DPS in Carrollton, Texas gave. What awesome employees they have. And what important and wonderful customers we all are.

There were actually signs on the wall that said thank you, to us, in every language.

BUT... could they live up to their claim? No other DMV on earth could.

I pulled my little ticket out of the machine - number 97 - and I panicked. I was only on my lunch hour and that seemed like a high, high number. There were people ahead of me, but within five minutes number 97 was called.

"HI! HOW ARE YOU?" my clerk asked.
"I'm fine, thanks."
"What brings you here today?"
"Well, my daughter had a car accident..."

* blink, blink *

"And the Frisco office sent me here to try to get a refund."

* blink, blink *

To make a long story short.... I got my refund. And I think I made the clerk's day by having that accident...

As I was leaving, she said to me, "Thanks for your patience. I'm new."

Oooooohhhhhhh. That's why you were so nice. You weren't even listening.

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