Sunday, November 1, 2009

This is Katie. But don't call her Katy.


Katie visited us last weekend. Katie was fun to have here. Thank you Katie for coming.

Katie is a new friend. I hope Katie becomes an old friend.

Katie was Nancy's friend. Nancy was my friend. Now Katie and I are friends.

We took Katie to eat at Babe's Chicken Restaurant.

Katie wouldn't share.

Katie is not my friend anymore.

The end.


Katie said...

Seems to me someone "borrowed" my photos to tell tall tales!!!! We shared that banana pudding Kris, you just wouldn't let me share the check. You ARE my friend!

- Kris - said...

Ouch. Busted in my own blog...

Karla said...

What is Rick wearing around his neck???

- Kris - said...

He tells everyone it's a tape recorder and everything they say can and will be held against them....