Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I can't even tell you...

what this means to me...

We have our Christmas lights up. Now. Already! We, the lastest last minute people on earth... are now ready for Santa to arrive. Before Thanksgiving, even!

Santa, bring it on!

I put this here wreath up on our garage.

And I ignored my fear of heights for one day. Strung all them lights up on our roof and over our front door.

Here's another look at our wreath... just because I'm so darn proud.

And it all even looks good in the dark. Okay, so it was always dark out... I guess I mean't to say it all even looks good without my flash on.

And look where I put these little lights! All of our bushes in front are trimmed.

It just brings a tear to my eye.

One more peek. For posterity.

Oh, the tears are just flowing now.

And not because I did such great work. Mostly because I paid Juan an arm and a leg to do it all. I am now missing an arm and a leg.

I'm still touched though. And I'm especially touched by my friend Ellen's endearing comments:

Ellen Johnson Olson: DID YOU TURN THEM ON? if so, shame on you..... Christmas lights should not be on til the day after Thanksgiving! :)


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