Saturday, November 7, 2009


I have been so productive. I have the shoulder pain to prove it, too.

The bushes out in front of my house needed some trimming. I don't do trimming. Not very well anyway. But it was Halloween and the kids were expected in an hour or so. The bushes were so sticky-outy that I feared we might skewer a kid or two.

So, I went to work. Rick offered me the electric bush cutter things... but I decided I'd have better luck and more control if I used the regular hedge clippers.

So I did. I cut, Rick did clean up.

And together we had a front door and porch to be proud of.

Would you just look at all that I trimmed off!

I thought Rick would have to sweep for days.
He belongs to those two white shoes, by the way.

Sweep, Rick, sweep! Hurry! I'm cuttin' so fast, it's all just a blur.

He sweeps good. And PT has been good for him. He can clean up all my messes now.

he he he
Nice backside, Rick.

Just look at all them leaves! I managed to put a good inch or so in this bag. I am so proud of myself.

And here's the finished product. You can actually see our address now. Of course, not the way I take pictures...

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