Thursday, December 10, 2009

Still trumpin'

I went looking at condos again today. Donald Trump has got nuthin' on me. 'Cept maybe an English degree.

I found this one... and couldn't resist taking a picture of their bathroom. I mean, really. You think you're gonna sell the place all decorated and fancied up like this?

I found one more that had me laughing, too.

This was in the description:

Needs lots of TLC. If you want a clean & neat unit, this is not the one.

I ran right out and bought that one, too. Not.

But my favorite? The house I went to see that wasn't there. Got there and saw the sign, but there was no trace of the house... Gone.

Actually, it had just burned down. But the sign was still up.

I wonder if the owner will make me a good deal...

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