Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas is saved!

I... I... I... caught me a thief tonight.

Three young guys, and I want to say "hoods" but in Frisco the offenders really don't qualify as "hoods," tried to steal Rudolph from our neighbor's yard. And I saw it all. From my garage.

As I drove up tonight and pulled into my garage, I realized that my trash can was still out in the street. So off I went to get it and that's when Rudolph came into my view... as he was being taken down. Poor Rudolph. How was he ever gonna get all those toys delivered if he was down for the count?

With trash can in hand, I slowly walked back up my driveway and the offenders froze. Then I ran in and asked Rick what I should do. I didn't know the neighbors, didn't know their names and didn't even know their address. Yikes! How can you save the world without any important facts?

Rick called 911... even without the facts. And I fed him facts as he chatted with the 911 operator.

While Rick talked to the police here, I decided to do some sleuthing. I closed my garage door and ran upstairs to see if the kids left... or continued to work. They continued to vandalize poor Rudolph. I then went back out to my garage, and opened the loud door... and the kids froze again.

Hey, this was fun!

And then a moment of brilliance came over me. I called Liz. She knew the people across the street the other way. Although she was miles away at the time, she was able to reach those folks by phone and alert them to the Rudolph crime. They also called the police.

While everyone talked to the police, I continued my snooping. Out I went to my driveway. But, I needed a reason to be out there. I didn't want the kids to know that I was spying on them - for my own safety - so I began rummaging through my trunk as though I was looking for something. All I found was a bunch of coats. 'Cuz that's what my trunk is full of. Coats.

I took one out. I tried it on. And I knew that I was being watched. The whole time. Those poor kids were dying to get back to work but they could see that some fool woman was standing in her driveway trying on coats, of all things.

One more trip in, one more trip back out to my car. One more coat to try on. One more time the kids saw me. One more time I foiled their attempt to brutalize Rudolph.

And finally, the police had arrived to save the day. Rick gave sketchy details, but it must've worked. Rudolph's assassins were taken down.

It all happened much quicker than this story... but suffice it to say that Rudolph will be at work on Christmas Eve. He may have bandages on him, but he'll be there!

Frosty was not so lucky. But he isn't really needed to light anyone's way on Christmas Eve...

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Karla said...

Kris, you are truly remarkable!