Sunday, December 27, 2009

New eyes for Christmas!

Even though Rick chose December 23rd for his eye surgery... and even though I worried that it would interfere with our holiday... it didn't. Rick's right eye is doing very well!

That Santa! He brought Rick great vision in his right eye. And Rick couldn't be happier. After 50+ years of bad vision, he is thrilled to be able to see - without glasses - at least in one eye.

And Rick gave me a wonderful gift for Christmas... he held his hand up over his bad eye, looked at me with his good eye and said, "You are clear! I can see you!"

Then he held his hand up over his good eye, looked at me with his bad eye and said, "Man, you are ugly."

I knew what he meant. It just didn't come out so great.

One more eye to go. On Wednesday. I'll be asking for more prayers then.

And hopefully I won't look so ugly anymore!

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