Thursday, December 3, 2009


Two days after my little surgery, I returned to work. And I completely enjoyed all the visits from my coworkers who wanted to help me get around, bring me things and hold doors open for me. Etc. I like being treated like a princess!

Kudos to my hubby though, who has totally treated me like the queen I am.

On the night of my surgery, he let ME cook dinner! And he let ME watch what HE wanted to watch on TV! And the next day he even sent ME to the store for some groceries! That man's kindness knows no end. I'm so thankful that he trusts my ability to recover so quickly, too. He really does. He didn't even want to know about the one time I doubled over in pain today!

I'm thinking that he just didn't want me to have to relive such a painful moment!!!

He's the best!

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