Sunday, December 6, 2009

Warmth, please

I am always cold. ALWAYS.

So much so, that I carry a space heater around with me to each of my five campuses. And I get really put out when I'm working with someone who is always hot. Not a good combination, us.

Anyway, Friday was just unbearable at one of my campuses. IT. WAS. FREEZING. Period.

I wasn't alone in my thoughts though... because this memo came out in the middle of the day:

Good Morning Falcons,

This morning I spoke with the men checking the A/C system in the building.

Due to changes in our Energy Management System program, the following must be done to control the temperature in your classroom:

· If you want it warmer, you must set your thermostat on 75 to activate the heat; however, the highest allowable temperature is 71. The little fan icon will continue to run.

· If you want it cooler, you must set the thermostat on 72 and the temperature will drop to 68 or 67.

Make sure the hallway thermostats remain on 75.

Makes perfect sense to me...

Even schools are baffled by lacking logic.

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