Monday, February 1, 2010

50 and fabulous

This post, I admit, is stolen. Wait, borrowed. Katie has given me permission in the past to borrow from her. And now is a good time because today's post on her blog Hygge Hut made me smile. A lot. Katie hit the nail on the head with how 50 feels...

"A dear friend of mine turned 50 on Friday and I was trying to tell her how great it is to be in your 50's. Now, for those youngsters out there still in their 40's, it's not that I don't wish I were younger (thinner, richer, healthier, prettier, funnier), but there is something so freeing about hitting the big 5-0.

"Like, you no longer have to wonder if that cute young guy is looking at you. He isn't. Unless you remind him of his mom.

"You know you're not ever going to the Olympics as anything other than a spectator, so you can stop worrying about when to start training.

"What you're going to be when you grow up has already been decided.

"You know what you like, you often know what you want and sometimes you remember both of those.

"Sometimes you get the seat because you're the oldest one around.

"You don't really care what others think any more because you have confidence and experience. You know who you are and if others don't like it, well... You still might want to change out of the slippers when you leave the house. Or not.

"The President of the United States is younger than you are. I don't know that this is a good thing about being in your 50's, but it's a fact. Like when you realized that Miss America was younger than you...that the NFL football players were all younger than you...then you realized that you could be the mother of Miss America or an NFL football player.

"But not the POTUS. "

Katie? Well said. 'Cept I don't go out in my slippers yet. Sweats, yes. Slippers, no.

Unless I'm in the mood to embarrass Elizabeth... and then, anything goes!

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