Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I am still marveling at my revelation... the one about my rental car. You know... step on the gas, the car goes. I just can't get over it.

What a dope. Sitting there thinking the car wouldn't start.

HOWEVER, I am so in love with my rental car that I came home singing its praises to Rick... and demanding we run right out and buy one. Right now. Now.

Rick just shook his head. Not as in "NO!" More as in, "I can't believe you. You want everything you see that you like." Okay, so it's true. SO true.

In case I didn't explain why I was in CA for an oh-so-brief weekend, I'll tell you that it had everything to do with my friend Nancy. I had promised all along to help my friend's husband pack up her things when he was ready. It took him nine months, but he finally reached that point. And that's what I did. I kept my word. I flew out and packed Nancy up and made her house liveable again for her husband Doug.

Was it hard? Yes. And no. It was more of a mission to me. Only every once in awhile did I have a pang of "I can't do this." But all too often I had pangs of, "I can't believe she's gone." And I kept expecting to see her come around the corner at any minute to help.

So, the weekend was successful. And fun, for the most part. I visited with my friend Julie on my layover in Phoenix. I visited my friend, the jewelry mart, in Rowland Heights. To show my gratitude, I bought a ring. Rick would be shaking his head... if he knew. Which he doesn't.

I also had a terrific time visiting Katie, a dear friend of Nancy's whom I only met at Nancy's funeral. Go figure. I'm know Nancy would be surprised, but pleased. I stayed overnight with Katie in her gorgeous home in Long Beach and was treated to a fabulous breakfast the next morning with her brother, his wife and the very adorable MaKenna.

The rest of the weekend was spent (because that wasn't enough, I guess) at Disneyland, California Adventure and visiting wonderful friends that I'd gone to church with in the past.

Nice wait times, eh?

Yes, it was a wonderful weekend.

Now, when do I get my car?


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Katie said...

Just catching up with your blog tonight and just read this one. Thanks! We loved having you, although it was a quick visit and you had lots of computer time. Longer next time? McKenna says hello!