Thursday, March 18, 2010

3rd day of vacation

Rick raced into the bedroom this morning yelling, "Get up! Get up!"

Thinking the house was on fire, I did so. I glanced at the clock first and noticed that it was 9:30. I smiled. I don't think I've slept in till 9:30... ever.

But Rick didn't give me the time to revel in my discovery. Or my joy that I didn't have to get up nor be anywhere at any given time.

"What's up?"

"We've got a lot of errands to run. And we've got to get to the post office to get some bills mailed. Then the gardener is coming..."

"And, uh, what's the rush?"

"The day is getting away from us."


"We've got to grocery shop, too. And I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow."

"Tomorrow? And so, why are we racing around like maniacs today?"

"We need to get started."

"You know that routine I messed up yesterday? Well, you're messing up my routine today."

"You don't know how to prioritize."

"I do, too. My priority right now is to sleep."

And with that, Rick left and ran out to begin his day. I grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. The View came on. It wasn't two minutes before Rick reappeared. To watch The View.

"You forget something?"

"The groceries can wait." I guess Whoopie couldn't.

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