Thursday, May 27, 2010

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19 years ago today, after 19 hours of labor.... I gave birth via C-Section to my now 19 year old daughter.

I still have the scar to prove it. I still have the child to prove it, too. I have a few other things as well.... like most of her baby clothes, some of her baby hair, a cute little ID bracelet, 400 videotapes of her waving goodbye and about 24,000 photos of every momentous and non-momentous occasion in her life.

I also have this:

... She had a shoe fetish back then...

(her normal shoes were cuter...)

* photos courtesy of Monica Romig... who was just in Frisco on a business trip last week and presented me with these memories... Thank you, Monica!


iammonicasue said...

Didn't realize the timing when I sent these to you! How perfect! Happy Birthday to Elizabeth!

Karla said...

These birthdays are just getting away from me. Krista turned 19 also!!!