Thursday, May 20, 2010

Alfred Hitchcock's inspiration

Hard to really see it, but this is a very common sight in our parts of the world. And that would be Texas.

Birds.... sit. In groups. Or lines. Or flocks. Take your pick. Either way, they are plentiful around here.

And it's awesome to look at.

Sorry, the photo isn't so great, but truthfully, it's hard to photograph this phenomenum. Because when our birdies all line up? It usually just photographs as a big, black line.

Roll down the windows in your car and you will believe otherwise. The birds are not quiet.

And these little guys were carrying on quite a concert that night.

Alfred Hitchcock would be so proud. Or scared. I mean, I saw "The Birds." And I didn't sleep for a week afterwards.

Yes, I was five at the time.

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Karla said...

I remember the birds from our visit to the steak house!!!