Thursday, July 22, 2010

Making calls

I made it Rick's job to transfer over all the utilities. Mostly because I just didn't want to. Heck, I did all the packing... so he should do all the calling. I did all the home buying, he should do all the home closing. It's only fair.

So, he dedicated himself to the phone today. And I supplied him with all the phone numbers to call. 'Cuz I'm nice like that.

First he called Verizon to transfer our landline phone number to the new house. He hung up quite displeased with me... 'cuz, uh, it turns out we don't have Verizon. We have everything bundled with Time Warner Cable. I mean Road Runner. Or whatever it's called.

Then he called Frisco Water Works only to find that we don't have Frisco Water Works. We have our water through the City of Frisco. That pleased him, too.

Then I gave him the number of our gardener. Or someone's gardener. To stop the service. It wasn't our gardener. And I sure hope the folks whose service we just stopped do not mind...

And I also gave him the number to our gas company, thinking it was our electric company and I gave him the number to our moving company, thinking it was our gas company.

Gee I wonder why he was just in the hospital with a stress attack...

And finally, we were rescheduling the dog's grooming day (we wanted her in on the day of our move) to Monday... and Rick called the bank. Because I had that number handy, I guess.

So, the moral of the story here? Don't get your numbers from me. Ever.

Unless you are looking for a Dominos. That number I have memorized.

I think.

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