Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Update on our move

So... just as we were seeing a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel... these things happened... that caused our world to go into a tailspin.

* Our current house was reinspected for roof and window repair. We passed the inspection.

* We were notified that my NEW loan, the one that WOULD DEFINITELY go through, had been delayed.

* We decided to proceed with the house buy, but without a mortgage. Just transferring funds from our proceeds to the new house and scraping together every last penny in our sofas to make up the difference. In other words... we are flying without a net.

* We were notified that the move we had so carefully planned for Saturday would now have to happen on FRIDAY because we had NOT signed a 3 day "lease back" into our original agreement. AND... we could not get into our new house until late Friday night, causing our furniture to be sitting in limbo in the Apple Mover's truck just ringing up their cash register.

* Rick began to itch.

* And itch.

* And turn red. By night time, Rick was one big red spot.

* Off we went to the ER... because we take ANYTHING with Rick's health VERY SERIOUSLY!

* Turned out Rick just had hives. ONE BIG HIVE with all the dots connected. And we were told not to stress Rick out anymore.

* I told the doctor that * I * should be the one with the hives.

* We got home from the ER sometime in the wee hours of the morning...

* We went to our "3 day inspection" of our new house at 9:30 am. In Liz' words - "the honeymoon is over." With the house not looking it's best for a showing, we were able to see the flaws of the house...

* I began to wonder what I'd gotten myself into.

* Got home and found out that our move, orignally scheduled for Saturday, but moved to Friday, would now have to be moved to Monday. The current owner of the house we're buying doesn't have to vacate until Tuesday. That owner was smart enough to put that into her contract.

* I fell asleep.

* And here I sit. Wondering what the heck will happen on Friday. On Saturday. On Sunday. And on Monday. Because I have no idea.


* P.S. Did I mention that my car is in the shop? And that I'm without wheels?

Double Sigh.

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