Thursday, August 19, 2010

Guest blogger

While I attempt to clean my garage out (details to follow on why this is so important) I've invited my friend Karla to share a little story with you. Karla has been featured here before. Karla is hard to forget. Karla is a gem.

Welcome Karla!

How is it that a simple garage clean up can end in near amputation you ask?

Well, Fred (Karla's fiance) sat on the new pool skimmer I just bought, still in the wrapper... not sure how that happened. But... he said since the tools were out, it would be a simple fix to grind off the old rivets and put new ones on it to fix it.

After 15 minutes in the stifling heat of the garage, I see the grinder nearly come out of Fred’s hands and jerk back. I see pieces of something flying in the air. I asked if he was ok. Of course the answer is "I’m fine."

Well, not believing it, I start the body parts review and see blood on his arm. I ran in to get a wet paper towel. After applying pressure, I took a peek and to my surprise, there was only some missing skin, no need for stitches. A miracle! I did put a protective Teflon bandage on it and thought I’d better help him before more body parts were shed.

Two rivet guns later, the damn thing was fixed. I think it would have been cheaper and a lot safer to just drive to Home Depot and buy another one for $18.99!!!!!

(By the way, this was stolen from an email Karla wrote to me. She has no idea that she was a 'guest blogger' today. Shhhhh.)

(By the way, Fred is the dude in the green here.)

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