Wednesday, August 25, 2010

press "1" for english

Oh don't be alarmed. I'm not going to show you that poignant but very tired video of a cowgirl singing that she doesn't want to press "1" for english.

Instead I'm going to show you what I found at the grocery store. Today.

Why are the flavors first written in Spanish? And why are the flavors, that are written in Spanish, written BIGGER than when they are written in English?

Are the Hispanics blind?

And maybe, because this is a typical American staple (well, it is in my house) the Hispanics who don't normally buy Nestle's Quik, need to know there are different flavors? I'll buy that.

But I'm just baffled... because when I walked down the Hispanic food aisle of my favorite grocery store, nothing was written in HUGE letters for them... nor was the English version of a flavor written above the Spanish version of the flavors.

Is Nestle's Quik a product that the Hispanics need to learn to love? So Nestle's wrote it for them especially large, just in case they stepped out of their own aisle and accidently found themselves in the English breakfast row? And suddenly FRESA, FRESA, FRESA just started calling to them?

In all honesty, I really think ALL the words need to be written bigger. Maybe the Hispanics can see just fine... but I can't.

Dear Nestle, Please make the English version of your flavors LARGER for folks like me... who might not've brought their reading glasses to the grocery store. 'Cuz I need to know if I'm buying Nestle's Quik in Strawberry or if I'm really buying Needles, Q-tips and Febreeze.

It might all look the same to me, you know.

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