Sunday, August 1, 2010


Thought I'd take a moment and show you my state of the art office. I challenge anyone out there to find a better one. Or a more innovative one. Or a more comfortable one.

Okay... this office is not so much on comfort.

Here's my desk. It's two levels... and see how neat I am? Hardly any clutter on my desk.

Here's a close up of my little laptop. And mouse. I prefer mouses. Mice? Meese?

Here's a better shot of my little set up. The greenery keeps me alive. Even if it looks dead. Honest, it's not. I might be, though.

And here's a full picture of my bathtub... I mean desk. I've spared no expense in hiding the laptop cord.

Rick really likes me using his valet to drape my computer cord over. No, really. He does. He doesn't like tripping over the cord though. That part's true. And yes, he has really tripped.

I just laughed. He liked that, too. I think.

And here's the computer queen herself. Hard at work. On what, I have no idea. But she was very busy at it.

Voila! A working laptop. Complete with stolen internet service. Mike told me he didn't mind. No, really.

And that's my little hideaway. All mine. I go there when I need to be away from boxes. Which is just about always.

Don't let anyone tell you I'm not working hard. 'Cuz I am. Just look at how full my cupboards are!

I did that all by myself!

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