Sunday, September 26, 2010

Aren't you.... ?

Thursday night I was on my own. Had some shopping to do, had some eating to do... so I headed out. Alone.

First stop, the grocery store. I headed straight to the pasta aisle to pick up all the food I needed for my little party on Saturday night. The theme of the party was Mardi Gras... and Elizabeth (the official party planner) had chosen Louisiana spaghetti.


Cajun spaghetti? I've never heard of that. NO ONE'S ever heard of that. I don't think Cajun's eat spaghetti. Italians might... but Cajun's?

Anyway, I stood in the pasta aisle studying the pasta sauces. No, I don't make my spaghetti sauce from scratch. And as I stood there... a man walked up to me and said hi. I recognized him as someone from my church... but I didn't know him.

"Hey, where's Rick?" We chatted for a moment and then he left, telling me to tell Rick hello.

Once I was loaded up on spicy tomato sauce and spicy sausage, I headed to the checkout lanes. The lady checking me out greeted me with, "Hey, where's your husband?" And then, "Tell him Carol said hi!"

And finally, after I was all cajun spaghetti'd out... I headed across the parking lot to Subway for a #2 on wheat. I sort of recognized the little guy making the sandwiches, but not really. He recognized me, though. "Where's your husband? We have the 'BMT' on sale tonight."

So I am now known in this city. Yes, I'm famous. I am. Yet no one knows who I am! But boy... they all know Rick. And what he eats, too!

I've decided.... I'm going to quit work. And stay home. Or not stay home. I, too, want to know everyone in my church, the grocery store, Subway and probably Texaco and Target and Denny's.

I wonder what he eats at Denny's.... or IF he eats at Denny's. With my luck, he's really off to some polynesian island... wearing flip flops and puka shells, eating that BMT. Yeah, BMT. Bali, Moorea, Tahiti. Even if it is just a sandwich... a crummy sandwich in Tahiti would be far better than a great one at Subway. Yep, I'm quitting. B, M and T are calling to me, too.

***** UPDATE ******

I just returned from Walgreens... with Rick. The moment we walked into Walgreens, the lady behind the photo counter called out, "Hey there, Handsome! How come you're using your cane today?"

Yeesh. People even notice when his little leggy is hurting him a bit. Me? I'm just invisible.

Tahiti, here I come.

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