Friday, September 10, 2010

spot the dog

Can you? Can you spot the doggy?

No, his name's not Spot. Or Waldo.

Maybe he's not even a dog.

But "Spot the Dog" was peering at us through the fence the other day. Spot was wishing he could have those steaks that we were barbecuing.

The joke was on him. They were only burgers. Spot didn't care. Spot said he'd be happy with anything we'd feed him.

He said his owners never feed him.

Never mind that he's 200 or so pounds.

So Spot welcomed us nicely to the neighborhood. I think. Either that or he reported us to the SPCA. Or CPS. Or DPS.

Didn't matter... I turned Jeannie lose on Spot.

See Spot Run.

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