Sunday, October 3, 2010


Thought I'd show you another room, since the house is still looking pretty good. So good, in fact, that we are now ready to open it for a few more parties.

When we talked about buying this house... this bigger house... one of the things we talked about doing was opening it up for gatherings. Church gatherings mostly.

Normally, I don't have my house open. I would, but it's just usually not showable. There's always socks everywhere, shoes sprinkled here and there and dishes are not always in their proper places. Laundry likes to spill out into the hall and my bed just doesn't like to make itself.

But. Since we are still somewhat showable, I'm all for having folks over.

And now that I've said that... here's another room. Our family room. Our great room. Far from great... but it is pretty great, to us.

Here's an overview. Complete with that massive brown couch from our other house.

Here's another view... from behind. Complete with a little man, in his favorite spot.

Here's a close up of the fireplace.

Built in cabinets. They are showcasing my father's old crank wall telephone, a ceramic duck I found in his house, photo albums, Time Life travel books and a couple of clocks. The TV you see should fit nicely behind those doors. And ours would... but this one came with the house. It's a little too big.

Here's a close up of some of the photo albums that are hiding behind the doors. I don't have very many... only 59 (yes, I counted). And each one only holds 300 photos. So, not very many photos do I have. Nope, not many at all.

Below is below.
Below the TV is a bunch of equipment that the previous owners left behind. Some of it we figured out... and some we didn't. Each "box" has a purpose, I'm sure. We were really only interested in the box that made the surround sound work. That box was very important to us. That box works now.

We had this little pub table in our old house and I was determined to find a spot for it in this house, too. Where... was the issue. But I made it work behind the massive couch. I hope.

Better shot.

This wall is still hurting. And still in the works. Currently I've got a sofa table under those tropical pictures, but it's the wrong color. So, this wall has some more changes to go through.

And this is the view out the great room windows. Into our backyard. We've ordered a patio cover that is due here any minute. Actually, it was due here last week.

Note to self: Call patio cover people. Ask why summer is over and the patio cover is still not here. Hmmmmm. I guess we'll enjoy it when the snow comes.... our little chairs will not have to endure little flakes all over them.

So, that's it. Our great room. Is it ready for company? It'll have to be. The next party is already in the works. So's the food. Well, food is ALWAYS in the works. Don't even have to have a party to find fun food at the Kahles.

Just sayin'

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