Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I went to a garage sale on Saturday

Yes, I did. About a week ago, I got up nice and early and headed out, finding the garage sale of all garage sales.

Not normally a garage sale goer, this one was just different. I went and I liked everything I saw.

I came home with a pair of pants that I thought would look great with a black blazer that I have. I also found some tennis shoes that were a bit worn, but fit perfectly. And there was a pretty turquoise necklace that caught my eye, too. Yes, I came home with it.

I also came home with a purple backpack that still had the tag on it, a game that looked like it had never been played, a hand-painted ceramic plate and my favorite... a navy blue windbreaker that fit me perfectly.

Yes, I shopped at my own garage sale. Had you figured that out yet? Saturday morning I got up early to host a garage sale and I would've done so much better if I hadn't done so much shopping at my own store... for my own stuff.

But what great stuff! I was shocked that all the clothes were just my size!

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