Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rocking News!

We were watching "Dancing With The Stars" tonight and Rick got so enthralled, he began asking me questions about each contestant. I answered, as best I could, while also washing dishes... which I do nightly. Even when Dancing With The Stars is on. Even when I Love Lucy is on. Pretty much when anything is on.

We have a lot of dishes.

Sometimes I even cook. And I get to do dishes then, too.

But tonight, Rick was watching this girly show with me. Well, while I washed dishes anyway.

Suddenly he screamed... "THEY'RE CUTTING TWO PEOPLE TONIGHT!!"

"They are? I didn't hear that."

"Yes. Look who's left."

I did look. Florence Henderson, Bristol Palin, Margaret Cho and Rick Fox.

"Okay, as I see it, they'll either cut Margaret or Bristol."

"Right. And a guy."

"Rick Fox? Why will he get cut?"

"No, not him. He stays. Another guy."

"But Rick, there's only Rick Fox and three girls waiting to see who gets cut."

"Right. Three girls and one guy."

"But it's not Rick Fox, right?"


"So, who's the other guy that's getting cut?"

"Whoever gets cut."

* * blink, blink * *

"Say, what?"

And about that time, Margaret Cho got cut. And the show ended.

"See, Rick..."

"I see. One girl and one guy."


"Margaret Cho and her partner."

* Sigh *

I turned the TV off about then and proclaimed that Rick must've sat way too close to it when he was a child.

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