Friday, December 31, 2010

My year on Facebook

I can't find my own status update. My post is lost! Here post, here posty, posty...

My Valentine just fell asleep. Hmmmm... does that mean I'm free to take other offers?

My husband has a remote in his hand... TV shows are just a flyin' by!

Aah, Saturday morning... and my only plan for the day is lunch at Blue Mesa.

I have decided I need a vacation. I'll be passing the hat soon... please be generous when donating to my upcoming trip to Hawaii.

I was just told that I look like Ann Margaret in "Bye Bye Birdie." That's good, right?

Why do I watch The Bachelor?

Okay, so why am I gonna watch American Idol tonight?

Hubby's asleep for the night. And it's only 7:15. Hmmmm, what trouble can I get in on this lovely Friday night?

When I grow up... I want to be rich!

I made frosting today... And it almost made it to the cake.

Raise your hand if you could have used an extra fourteen hours of sleep this morning. *Raises both hands*

I SURVIVED MONDAY!!!!! With only a minimum of hair pulling...

I have just finished cleaning my ENTIRE house!!! It is now spotless. (April Fools)

uh oh. I've done it again...

Has anyone seen my sanity? It appears to be missing...

Packing... and packing... and packing... and packing... sigh, and packing... does it ever end?

Dear Back - you are not allowed to go out during the summer. Only during the school year. Please go back in. NOW!

Back still out. Hopin' back goes back in. I think I'll go out back and see if my back comes in.

I need PIZZA!!

Except for those 2,974 errands I'm going to run in a bit, I plan to relax today.

I may or may not have just done something stupid...

You can't teach an old dog new tricks... I just tried. Didn't work.

It's dark out.

Are we there yet?

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