Friday, December 10, 2010

nuttin' the matter wit that...

I just overheard two people... two adults if you will... arguing about Christmas and how commercialized it is. An old argument, I know, but they've brought it to the surface again.

I didn't jump in, mostly because I don't know these people... but I feel this way about it. Celebrate it anyway you want! Holy or commercial. Fun or respectful. Quiet or loud.

A rose by any other name... means that anyone who celebrates Christmas... is celebrating the birth of Christ. In any way they choose. Somehow, some way... everyone knows why we celebrate Christmas. Even if you've had your head in a hole for fifty years...

Well, maybe not for 50 years. Let's say 40.

And on that note... I will wish everyone a Merry Christmas! However they celebrate it.

I wish everyone some chocolate, too...

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