Sunday, January 2, 2011

Here's a real resolution...

... I will check out the blogs of my friends more often.

I have just been reminded of a blog of a friend in CA who has been struggling with breast cancer which has now moved into her liver. Since I witnessed my good friend Nancy's battle with a similar cancer and subsequent surrender... I somehow feel a kinship with Sandy Boulware now. And I feel that I need to follow my her blog and pray for her recovery.

And where I fell short? Well, I've known about Sandy's blog, but had forgotten. In fact, I had it listed here on my own blog. How into ME is that? I didn't even see someone else's cry for help, even though it was listed right along side my own jottings.

This needs to change. And now.

And if you're so inclined, please check out the other blogs I have listed there. And join me in prayer for a few folks who are needing our help.

Sandy Boulware is battling breast/liver cancer. Carrol Nichols is battling throat/shoulder cancer. Abbie Vara is still recovering from a near drowning accident. Samantha Palumbo is still recovering from a car accident. And Katie Gesto is a missionary in Africa. She's not sick but she sure could use our prayers.

There's a few more listed on the side... some are just for fun. And some are just plain funny!

And then there's Kris, Rick and Elizabeth. They always need your prayers. Their lives were turned upside down in 1997 and now continue to be blessed with Rick's remission and good, no GREAT health, but they are constantly reminded of how fragile life is. Consider tossing a few prayers heavenward for them... just in general!

And in the meantime, please enjoy all that 2011 is promising us. It will be a good year. I just feel it!!

* Kris


Katie said...

I continue to be in awe of how dedicated you are to this blog, of bringing us into your heart and home day after day. Thanks for the smiles, the out-loud-laughs, the tears and the winces. You have my devotion, my prayers, my respect and friendship. Kris.

Happy 2011.

- Kris - said...

Oh, dear. Don't read the post on Tuesday night... you won't be in awe of me anymore!! - Kris