Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The time has come...

I have been busy with Christmas, with work, with all things fun, with my new house, with my family, with my friends... and sadly... WAY TOO MUCH with this computer.

The time has definitely come for me to sit myself down and have a long talk with me. Oh how I hate being talked to. I'm not a very good listener.

But... there is something in my life that has been neglected.

Last year I announced that there was a book in the works. And there was. And there is. But that is the "it" that has been terribly neglected. And, like I said, the time has come.

So... I need this blog to not be so much fun. To not be the center of my life. To not be the reason that the book has fallen to the back burner.

Yes, I stink at multi-tasking. Actually, most people do but just won't admit it.

And on that note... the postings will become more sparce. They just have to. I hope to have this thing finished in a week or two and submitted to the publisher. But just in case I don't... and just in case it takes a wee bit longer (since I do still have to go to work) I will be closing the door here. Just temporarily though. 'Cuz it's hard to keep me from talking. (Remember when this blog was called "Caught Talkin'"? Wow, that was awhile ago.)

Anyway, enough jibberish. I'm taking a very necessary vacation. Well, not a vacation. I'm just calling it a vacation... although I fear that I may demand some beach time and not get anything written. But alas, I'm vacating. And writing. And thinking. And idea-ing. And finishing. And dreaming. Dreaming about my book. And... returning. I will return shortly.

With a book in hand.

And a margarita.

And then an Excedrin.

I mean, a book. See, got off track again. I'm so prone to that.


See ya in a bit. I'm off to keep my New Year's Resolution.


~ Kris

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