Monday, January 10, 2011


Just wanted to give you a TRD... my own term for "tentative return date." That could also stand for 'tardy' and it probably should, given what time I got to work this morning. Something about some snow in my driveway...

Anyway, I plan to return full time to this blog on February 26th. Just in time to jump on a plane and head to Washington DC, book in hand.

Well, I doubt I'll actually jump on the plane... but maybe, if there really is a book in my hand. To give to Congress. In fact, I'll probably be doing cartwheels if there's a book in my hand! Well, maybe not cartwheels. Okay, I'll just jump.

Come visit me in the hospital. Jumping and cartwheeling are not so good for 53-year-olds, ya know.

But I have to learn things the hard way.

Check in here periodically, though. I really can't stand to stay away. It just hurts my entire being. Or was that the cartwheel?

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