Friday, February 4, 2011

I asked Rick

... to call in two prescriptions to the pharmacy for me. Two that needed refilling. And he did.

A little while later, he announced that my meds would be ready on Wednesday.

Today is Friday. Really? They won't be ready until Wednesday?

When I asked him about it... he mentioned the snow. And how the trash didn't get picked up this week due to the snow. And that if he told the pharmacy WEDNESDAY, it would give the trash men a day to pick up our trash... and for everything to get back on schedule.

I guess Rick's life really does revolve around the trash. Because.... I HAVE TO GO TO WORK ON MONDAY, TRASH OR NO TRASH!!!

So, even if the trash gets picked up on Tuesday and Rick'll finally be all settled on Wednesday... and the trash cans will be safely tucked away in the garage again... I WILL PICK UP MY MEDS ON MONDAY.... or sooner.

I don't need a trash day to guide my life and my routines.

Then again... we are having a Super Bowl party at my house on Sunday... maybe I will need three days to get settled again. I certainly won't be done cleaning....

Unless it continues to snow... You think my school will give me another twelve days off? If that's the case... forget the meds. I'll be in Tahiti. I won't need meds there. Unless Margarita's count.

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