Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We are ten days away from arriving in Washington D.C. My nerves are starting to kick in. Big time.

This was posted in my company's newsletter today:

And I received this response to that newsletter entry today:


You go girl! You can do this! I remember you telling me some of your story at Killian. You are smart as a whip, compassionate, passionate about your cause and your family. When you talk to those “Congress folk,” just think of those whom you’ve talked to as sitting out there on the floor listening to you, being proud of you for being a gutsy lady, and proud of you for standing up for all of those people who need you to do just that. So, before a word comes out of your mouth, you’ll have prayers and applause coming all the way from Texas!


Okay, I'm slowly getting ready for this event. I might even start packing now.

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