Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Book Update

Just 'cuz I feel like it... I'm gonna give you an update.  Whether you want it or not.

I have finished the book (!) and I have edited and edited and proofed and proofed and edited and proofed.... and...

SUBMITTED the ol' book!

It was a very big day for me on Tuesday.  I like to have never gotten anything done at work that day!  It was just much more fun to "push the button" to send my finished book away... and into the waiting arms of the publisher.


Tuesday night the cover was designed and the title (which I'm keeping secret because I'm still not sold on it yet) was approved. 

The book is now being proofed by an editing team and I will hear from them in about three weeks when they send it back to me with all their suggestions of changes and grammatical and spelling errors.  Although I'm sure there won't be any, 'cuz you know, I don't make those.  Much.  Yeah, right.  Who am I kidding?  There are gonna be a TON of grammatical errors... 'cuz I speak Kris... and, uh, they don't.


Anyway... 25 photos will be inserted into the book next.  Just as soon as I select them.  And find them.  Or take them.  Or pretend to even look through my mounds and mounds and piles and piles of photos.

Oh, why didn't I ever get all of those into albums? 

Note to self:  Don't let THAT happen again.

Note from self:  Yeah, right.

So that's where we are.  I now have a daily task given to me from the publisher.... and I am feeling quite excited about finally finishing this project.  Excited and nervous.  Nervous because I just reread the book and suddenly I hate it.  But that's just me.  It'll never be good enough in my eyes.

Gotta run... I'm selecting photos tonight.  Just as soon as I remember where I put them all.

Book due back to me - in three weeks.

Book due back to publisher - in one week.

Book due out on bookshelves - in five to six weeks.

Heart attack coming - shortly after that.


Sherry said...

I will buy a copy.
Send instructions.
Credit card ready...

- Kris - said...

Can I interest you in two? I have a feeling I'm going to like royalty payments...