Sunday, April 17, 2011

Did you hear me yell?

We finished up our taxes today.  Yes, on April 17th.  But that's ONLY because Friday (the 15th) was some sort of government holiday and April 15th was really April 18th this year.  Yes, April 18th is the new April 15th. 

So ... we were actually a day early even though it looks like we were two days late. 

And, in reality, if this were a normal year and a normal April, today would really only be April 14th.  We'd really be FOUR DAYS EARLY!  So there.

Had I known we were GOING TO GET MONEY BACK!!!!! I would've done my taxes in January!!  But that would've thrown everyone off.  And besides, I had no idea that Uncle Sam loved me this year.  Yes, he does!  He's my new best friend!  Poor guy.

But yes, we are actually getting money back.  And since I was sitting on the edge of my chair just waiting for the bad news ... that didn't come ... I shrieked when the tax lady said, "You are getting money back this year!"


And my daughter was mortified and my husband was embarrassed.  And every head in H & R Block turned in my direction.

But hey, THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN VERY OFTEN!!!  I don't care whose head snapped off.

Rick and Elizabeth seemed to take the news all in stride.  They shouldn't though.  They're not getting a penny of it!!


Maybe I'll take them to McDonald's tomorrow. 

Cuz I'm nice like that ...


Gluten-Free :) said...

That seems like a silly thing to do. She can't eat anything there...

- Kris - said...

They have lettuce there. And tomatoes. I think. Maybe no tomatoes. I guess you can just have the lettuce. See, I'm still nice...